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OrthoSnap Clear Smile Aligners were invented by Dr. Yan Pogorelsky to address the shortcomings of the orthodontic options currently on the market. OrthoSnap uses clear, transparent FDA-approved materials to close gaps and straighten twists, offering customers their perfect smile. The program is gradual and gentle. Thousands of trials have demonstrated Orthosnap's effectiveness and broader application than other brands. The patented manufacturing process results in cost reductions of over 30%, while retaining flexibility and sophistication needed for some of the more difficult clinical cases, outside the capabilities of competitors. OrthoSnap offers full-service technical support and training, free of charge to customers, and the OrthoSnap Clear Aligner System is available worldwide through participating dental providers.




  • Yan Pogorelsky, CEO


March 10, 2010


Orthodontic, Dental